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— Rates in Select Areas. —
Fixed Term Amortization Rate
3 Years 20 Years 2.75%
5 Years 20 Years 3.15%
7 Years 20 Years 3.65%
10 Years 25 Years 5.25%
10 Years 20 Years 4.25%
15 Years 15 Years 4.95%
We have over 50 years of combined experience closing hundreds of millions of dollars of church loans . If your church is looking for a loan to purchase, renovate, refinance or construct a new building we probably have a loan for you. In today’s difficult economic times there are few lenders offering loans and of those that are, very few are offering church loans. We have not changed our focus or adjusted our beliefs; we know that people of faith will continue to worship and support their churches.

Inc. Magazine ranked us the 49th fastest growing financial services firm in the country. . 

What makes us Different:
  • No personal guarantees on church loan .  Very few of our church loan require personal guarantees.* 
  • High loan to values.  Many of our church Financing. products go up to 80% of the real estate value. We even have products that allow the church to borrow up to 90% using a first and second trust loan.* 
  • No CPA prepared financials.* 
  • No Tax returns.*
  • No upfront fees.  We will analyze your church loan request in 24 hours or less and give you a no cost, absolutely no obligation written offer.*
* Subject to underwriting guidelines.

Our Mission Statement:

Tell them honestly, charge them fairly, and close them quickly.

Our Purpose:

Provide the most creative, aggressive, lowest priced church loan products available in the marketplace.

Our staff is dedicated to providing world class customer service in English, Korean, and Spanish. We have more dedicated church loan analysts than any other company in the country that we know. Often times when you go to a bank you talk to someone that does not understand church loans, they want to treat a church just like any other business. A church is different from a traditional business, the way they raise and spend money is different, the impact they make on their community is different, and often times they simply give away their money, something a traditional business does not do. With these factors in mind, a church should be underwritten based on what it can afford to borrow not on how much money it had left over at the end of the year.

Our church loan rates are some of the lowest available in the marketplace and our fees are more than reasonable. Take a moment to review our Customer Comments and list of Recently Closed Loans and you will see why we easily live by referrals.

We have church loan programs that are designed for specific purposes:

  1. Purchasing real estate – With loan to values up to 80% and combined loan to values up to 90% we try to limit the down payment a church needs to as little as possible.
  2. Refinancing real estate –If you are looking to decrease the interest rate on your current loan or have a balloon note we can provide a quote in 24 hours or less.
  3. Renovation of real estate –  If your church is looking to expand a property that you currently own we can provide the financing in the form of cash out for small projects or draws as needed for larger projects.
  4. Ground up construction of real estate –  If you are looking to build a new sanctuary, day care center, family life center or any other building we can provide the financing as a line of credit where you pay interest only payments during construction and the permanent financing when the project is completed. With one closing we keep your costs to a minimum.

With over 25 different loan programs available and a dedicated staff of analysts we are confident that we can provide the right type of church loan to meet your needs.

Understand the process and get to know your team:

Throughout the process you will work with 3 people from our team. The Church Loan Analyst is the first person you will generally deal with; they will analyze your request, listen to your needs and design a church loan catered to your situation. After designing a loan to meet your needs, the analyst will present their recommendations to you explaining the pros and cons of each program and present a written proposal to you for approval. Once you approve the proposal, the analyst completes the credit write up and submits the proposal to an underwriter for approval. Once your loan is approved, it is assigned to a processor to close the loan. The processor gathers whatever remaining documents are needed to close the loan and schedules the closing of your church loan.

If your church is looking for a loan to purchase a new church building, renovate a parsonage, or construct a new family life center we promise to provide world class customer service and church loan products that meet your needs.

Highlights of our church loan Programs:

  1. No Personal Guarantees*
  2. No Tax Returns*
  3. Up to 30 year loans*
  4. No Upfront Fees*
  5. No Audited Financials*

*Subject to Program Guidelines.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions by calling (800) 710-6762 or submit your loan request online.